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Mobile businesses are changing franchising

Remember these lines from the song Proud Mary? “Left a good job in the city... Big wheel keep on turnin.’” That’s exactly what many corporate refugees and aspiring entrepreneurs do. They leave their jobs to start businesses. And now, many opt for mobile franchises. So what’s the appeal?

Our society is busier than ever, so products and services that are convenient, easy, and accessible are in demand. Mobile franchises offer conveniences we never thought imaginable. Now you can get just about anything from a business on wheels.

The mobile franchise has become an industry game changer by offering a low-cost start-up, quick ramp-up, minimum-overhead business model. From food trucks, to personal training services, to home services, and gaming, mobile franchises rule the road.

As mobile franchises become more common, there’s been a shift in how these models administer their operations. Software and technology play a major role in efficiency. Online booking, scheduling, tracking, customer relationship management, invoicing, and mobile payments all cut operational costs and make running the back office a cinch.

&arrow; Mobile franchises have a huge marketing advantage because their vehicles are wrapped with branding. Home service franchises like Dryer Vent Squad often pick up business simply by being parked at a job location.


Mobile franchises have a huge marketing advantage because their vehicles are wrapped with branding. This advertising works 24/7 and is constantly on the go. Filling up the tank is the main expense (wraps and decals are redone about every five years because of wear and tear). That means the cost-per-thousand people who see your branding is probably less than a penny.

Even when the vehicle is parked, potential customers in the neighborhood see who you are and what you do, with no additional cost for advertising. It’s not uncommon to receive an additional job or two just by being parked! As the CEO of Dryer Vent Squad, I know this first-hand. Our van wraps turn heads (see below) and remind busy homeowners to make that service call. And, of course, the phone number is right there on the truck! How convenient is that?

The mobile concept is appealing and sustainable in many ways. It is a smart, lower-risk model that is easy to enter and operate. And when the economy is fragile, the lower cost of entry has even stronger appeal. So if you’re considering a mobile franchise, maybe it’s time to get rolling!

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