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Magic Moment

What happens when the right person pairs with the right franchise

As a Certified Franchise Consultant, I often work with amazing people. When those people flourish as franchisees, it’s one of the greatest satisfactions in doing my job.

Less than a year ago I had the privilege of working with Jesse Adams. I made a match between him and one of my favorite brands, The Inside Coup®, a direct-mail magazine. Adams’ background as a sales manager for a local luxury magazine in the Florida area made him a perfect match for The Inside Coup. He wanted to start something of his own, and he had local connections and a strong desire to succeed. Between his experience, tenacity, and drive, a rock-star rookie was born. In six months, here’s how Adams developed a big name for himself at corporate headquarters and in his local market.

  • He has maintained the No. 1 position in the company for the highest page counts in his first zones.
  • He is consistently one of the top new business writers each month.
  • His design is always top-notch, and his client retention is the best in the country.
  • He has just hit his Phase 1 of hiring and is expanding in the Bonita/Naples/Fort Myers territory over the next three years. This will  bring circulation to 600,000, a plum for advertisers.
  • His networking and business-building events have been a steady assist to his growth month after month.
  • In the words of Teri Sullivan, vice president of franchise development for The Inside Coup: “He is basically the bestest EVER!!!”

Seeing and being a part of Adams’ success has been extremely rewarding. This is what I am here to do: place the right candidates with the right brand and watch them succeed.

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