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Mom's Best Friend?

Many franchises cater to the needs of working mothers

For lots of career-driven women, the thought of going back to work after maternity leave can be exciting and overwhelming.

They often find themselves at a crossroads with mounting pressure to be the best at home and at work. The start of the week hits and pressure grows as their duties at work resume and the responsibilities at home await. All of this happens while making sure the baby has enough milk on standby, which many moms must pump at the office.

God forbid a new mom should yawn after a sleepless night, because that will automatically trigger talk of “she can’t handle it.”

Sheesh, how exhausting that sounds! Why would any woman go back to work after having children?

Luckily there are more franchises than ever before that cater to women with families. These franchises allow us career-driven moms to not only work, but work for ourselves and still be there for our children without feeling punished, judged or totally overwhelmed.

There are mommy-and-me fitness classes whose entire community is made up of these women.

There are remote franchises like FranServe, which allow you to work from home on your terms. There are child-centric brands that enrich and broaden children’s learning.

The great thing about these mom-friendly options is the companies have developed systems and procedures that make owning a franchise a plug-and- play model so motherhood and a successful career can happily co-exist. Those systems and procedures make it easy to track your team and sales remotely, a liberating situation for moms who must drive carpool or feed a baby.

Franchising does not punish women for becoming mothers and raising families. It’s quite the contrary, with many companies’ models wooing moms as owners and strategically developing their systems - semi-absentee models, for example - to help them enjoy motherhood and a career.

Take it from me: I am walking the walk with two incredible daughters ages 11 and 8, plus I have a thriving franchise consulting firm. Yes, you can break through glass ceilings and achieve your personal best at both.

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